In the escalating effort to battle the spread of coronavirus our Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued a “Stay At Home” order for our entire state yesterday, taking effect later today at 6 p.m. and lasting through at least April 13th. This order can be extended any time between now and then if the situationContinue reading “REPOST: BUILDING A LONG-LASTING PATIO IN GEORGIA”

The qualities to look for when picking out Flagstone for your stone projects

One of the most-asked questions we get from our customers is “What type of Flagstone do you recommend for (insert name of stone project the customer is about to undertake)?” In truth, there is rarely a ‘perfect answer’ to this question. Not only does Flagstone vary from quarry to quarry, it varies from stone toContinue reading “The qualities to look for when picking out Flagstone for your stone projects”

Learn about our staff, portrait #2: Cainon Graham

Cainon and I have known each other from my days at another stone yard, so over 10 years.  He is originally from Georgia and is actually a third-generation stone mason.  He came to me and said he was interested in getting out of the installation business and could I use him.  I told him IContinue reading “Learn about our staff, portrait #2: Cainon Graham”