This week’s Fresh Off The Truck: featuring some really eye-catching brown/earth/coffee toned Flagstone

Our weekly Fresh Off The Truck (FOTT, for short) series this week features brown Flagstone. Normally, this might not attract much attention unless you are specifically looking for “brown Flagstone”.

But this was no run of the mill shipment of brown Flagstone. Upon closer inspection take a look at the many different shades of tan, earth, coffee, chocolate in the variety of brown Flagstone we received in today.

This shipment of Flagstone included “Stand Up” pieces with many different shades, colors and veins running through them:

This shipment also included Flagstone Steppers:

And how about the color patterns in some of these Flagstone Stair Treads:

Not to be outdone, the Standard Flagstone also has some fantastic color patterns (how awesome will this look in YOUR patio?):

So if you ever hear that “brown Flagstone” is totally boring, just pull out these pictures to see just how deeply colorful and amazing brown can be!

At Stone Distributors we have a wide variety of stone and landscaping materials IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE right here on our 5-acre yard conveniently located near I-75 in Marietta, Georgia. The weather looks to be drying out and heating up just in time for you to take on your landscape/hardscape project this weekend.

We look forward to helping you plan, supply and execute your landscape/hardscape projects! #Stone_Distributors #BrownFlagstone

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