A mid-week Fresh Off The Truck featuring stones for your dry creek bed project restoration

As we have discussed in several articles previously spring is the best time to restore/revitalize the dry creek beds around your property… particularly if flooding is a potential hazard in your area.

With that in mind we received another full shipment of small and medium round River Rock yesterday. Here are the highlights:

For clarification purposes, here are the approximate size categories for River Rock:

Small – baseball to softball-sized round rock

Medium – about the size of a cantaloupe

Large – about the size of a football

If you are unsure about the current state of the dry creek beds or drainage system as a whole around your property or you already know that it is in need of fixing, now is a great time for you to come in and get your River Rock. You can also talk with our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly owner and staff to ensure your project goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Come right onto our conveniently-located lot in Marietta; contact us at (678) 354-0566; or visit us online at https://www.stonedist.com. You can also follow us at or our Stone Distributors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/stonedist/ or on Instagram. #Stone_Distributors #RiverRock #FreshOffTheTruck

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We are a Natural Stone Supplier for Professionals and Homeowners in the Kennesaw / Cobb County area of Georgia

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