Another edition of Fresh Off The Truck – today highlights a variety of Fieldstone

In our 2nd installment of Fresh Off The Truck for this week we received in a full shipment of a variety of Fieldstone, including Thin Stack, Thick Long Stack and Thin Regular. Take a look:

Some of you may be asking what types of stone and landscaping projects are these 3 varieties of Fieldstone commonly used for?

Thin Stack Fieldstone is most commonly used in walls: retaining walls, exterior house walls, garden walls and dry stacked walls.

Thin Regular Fieldstone is most commonly used in walls where the builder is looking for a thinner look. This includes in a stack wall, with or without mortar, or as a veneer on houses, Fire Pits and Fireplaces or a retaining wall.

Thick Long Stack Fieldstone is best used as stacked stone without mortar in a retaining wall, or as a stone edging material. Thick Long Stack can also be used as a veneer.

If you are looking for almost any type of Fieldstone, Flagstone, River Rock, Boulders or Landscaping material than you should come see us at Stone Distributors, conveniently located at 1675 Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia today! #Stone_Distributors

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