Customer service is, and always will be, our top priority at Stone Distributors

With all of the knowledge, pictures and other information we share here about stone and landscaping materials, on Instagram and of course in person on our 5-acre yard at 1675 Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia sometimes we forget to mention that our number one priority every day is to help satisfy each and every one of you, our valued customers. With that in mind the theme of today’s article comes from a recent customer who was happy enough with our service that she even took the time to send us a letter to thank us in writing.

And thank you Amber Bishop and her partner Shelly for your kind words! Notice that they are also local small business owners like ourselves. Here at Stone Distributors we also enjoy supporting local businesses like Weed Reconstruction & Expert Consulting.

Here is their testimonial, word for word:

Fieldstone Brick edging – from Weed Reconstruction & Expert Consulting

“Good Morning Mike.

“You helped Shelly and I pick and load up 0.257 ton of Fieldstone Bricks Saturday afternoon. We have them installed and love them (see attached). Just need some new mulch! Also, the experience on Saturday was pleasant and easy. You were our second stop that day and your team was SO pleasant compared to our first stop. Thank you for that!

We would like to come pick up twice as much fieldstone brick as we got Saturday, another 0.5-0.6 ton. We have another 53 feet of beds in the front of our house that need to be outlined. Do you have 0.5-0.6 ton of the same Fieldstone Bricks?

Also, Shelly and I are both crash reconstructionists and own our business. If your team is ever in an accident while delivering your goods (or in their personal vehicles), please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can come preserve the evidence and investigate the accident. We handle commercial vehicle crashes all the time.

Amber M. Bishop, Esq.

General Counsel / Senior Reconstructionist (ACTAR #3780)

Weed Reconstruction & Expert Consulting

Direct: (770) 315-9636

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