Fresh Off The Truck, Mid-Week Style – When we said we had many shipments coming in, we weren’t kidding!

As we mentioned last week, an important part of preparing for the upcoming building season is building up our inventory so that all of you have plenty of the best stone in all of northern Georgia to choose from for your stone and landscaping projects. 2 full days into the week, and we haven’t disappointed. 3 shipments in, and many (over 20 at last count), many more on their way!

On Monday, we received in 2 shipments. The first had Medium Regular Fieldstone:

The 2nd truck had Medium Stack, Medium Long, Thick Stack and Medium Regular on it:

And yesterday we received in our 3rd shipment of the week… a full load of beautiful Blue/Gray Flagstone!

Project season is upon us… have you purchased your stones and landscaping materials yet? Have you made a firm commitment with one of the best contractors in our area?

If your answer is no or your are unsure, then come on in to Stone Distributors now, and we will help you get on the right track to having the stone or landscape features that you have always dreamed of! #Stone_Distributors

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We are a Natural Stone Supplier for Professionals and Homeowners in the Kennesaw / Cobb County area of Georgia

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