Fresh Off The Truck, part 2: more landscape boulders and thick long stack Fieldstone

As mentioned yesterday, here at Stone Distributors we had multiple shipments arrive on our yard this week. Here are pictures from that shipment, including some more landscape boulders along with several pallets of thick long stack Fieldstone:

Honestly, we really have gotten in some eye-catching landscape boulders recently, a few of which we have featured in recent posts. We continue to strive to have both the highest quality and best variety of landscape boulders for you to choose from when you come to our lot. And from the feedback we have received from more than a few of you, we are succeeding on both counts.

Here is another example of a beautiful landscape boulder that is going to look great in someone’s new landscape design this year:

Landscape Boulder that arrived on our yard this week

Use this boulder as the focal point of your landscape/flower bed/garden this year and your friends and neighbors will marvel at how you would have such a beautiful stone sitting on your property for all this time. The fact you just put it there will be our little secret!

Landscape boulders, thick long stack Fieldstone and Canyon Creek Flagstone are just a few of the many varieties of stone that you can purchase and take right off our lot today. Also notice that we continue to stock up and have a large inventory of stones and landscaping material here even before we raise our prices on March 1st. Why? Because we strive to always deliver the best product and price to you, our valued customers, always.

Your vision combined with our knowledge, experience, value and service. That is a winning combination you can trust.

Visit us at our yard conveniently located at 1675 Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, contact us at (678) 354-0566 or by visiting us online at or on our Stone Distributors Facebook page: We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (winter hours) and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; we are closed on Sundays. #stone_distributors #LandscapeBoulders

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