Our yearly price increase happens on March 1st; Save Money – get your stone and landscaping materials now!

The new year brings many things with it – unfortunately that includes rising prices from our suppliers of the stone and landscaping materials that we have built our business around here at Stone Distributors. Accordingly, we will be needing to bump our prices up a bit as well. We realize this is an inconvenience, but we also know that you all understand it is an integral part of doing business (and staying in business).

You can still take advantage of our current low prices until the end of February. Remember that we have offered the lowest or close to the lowest prices on most of our products throughout the last 12+ months. We encourage you to do price comparisons on a variety of products we sell and you will see exactly what we are saying.

Here are just a few of the top quality products we have available for you to take off our yard today, including Canyon Creek Flagstone from Oklahoma (both varieties), unique landscape boulders, and thick long stack Fieldstone:

In fact, we believe that even after this year’s increase (going into effect on March 1st) our prices will still be the lowest or among the lowest in our industry. At Stone Distributors we continue to keep our prices lower than most of our competitors because we maintain that high quality does not need to mean exorbitant prices to you.

We believe that building a strong business entails superior customer service combined with selling high quality product at a good price. That is how you continue to build a base of loyal customers to your business. You truly become a part of our Stone Distributors’ family!

Come and visit us at our yard in February at 1675 Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia and take advantage of our current prices before they go away. Let us work with you to help you create the stone structure or nature-scape around the outside of your home that you have always desired!

We are open today from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., while our hours during the week (during the winter) are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed on Sundays. #FreshOffTheTruck #StoneDistributors #GardenBoulders #LandscapeBoulders

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We are a Natural Stone Supplier for Professionals and Homeowners in the Kennesaw / Cobb County area of Georgia

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