Building a Wall out of Fieldstone: will that be a Stacked or Veneer look that you want?

In our third installment focused on Fieldstone we are getting more in-depth about the two types of Fieldstone that you will choose between to build your stone wall. Your main choices are stacked stone or Veneer stone. Which one you choose largely depends upon the look you want – while understanding the cost of each could well effect which one you finally decide upon.

Before going any further, we want to remind you of the type of “Veneer” stone we are discussing here and in our other articles regarding Fieldstone. At Stone Distributors we do get asked this question a lot, and the distinction between Veneer Fieldstone that is actual real stone and the fake kind that is made out of cement. 

Veneer stone from real Fieldstone is stone that has been collected in the field or from the side of a mountain. They are irregular shaped stones varying in sizes but usually around dinner plate size.  They are installed that way, so it is not a stack look.  The easiest way I can describe it is basically think of a stone patio that is stood up as a wall. 

What you need to determine when you are doing a wall is this:

Do you want a stacked look, or a veneer look? Here are your determining factors –

Jointless Stack

Stacked Look:

  • Do you want it all in a similar thickness look, or do you want a mixed look? We have samples in our offices to show you
  • Do you want mortar joints or a dry stacked look? We can show you examples of each as well.


  • Do you want mortar joints or a jointless look?
    • If you want mortar joints, financially you would just stick with the medium regular or thin regular stones as they are less expensive versus using the Ashlar Fieldstone
    • If you are not on a budget, then you can look at the Ashlar stone with joints.
      • With the jointless look your labor cost will increase due to the extra work that will go into making the stones fit together.
Ashlar Fieldstone

So, which look do you desire? The stacked look or the Veneer look? If you are not sure, that is totally ok. Most people when they first come walking through our doors are unsure. That is one of the things we are here for… to help you make the best choice FOR YOU.

Do you have more questions you would like answered about the right stones to build your Fieldstone wall? Or do you need materials, the right tools and/or information to build your stone projects or hiring a contractor? Come on in and talk with our experts here on our 5-acre yard at Stone Distributors. We are here to help you turn those visions in your mind into the beautiful reality you want in your home or on your property.

Jointless Thin Stack Fieldstone

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