The types of Flagstone you should consider for your stone project here in Georgia

In this follow up article to our most recent discussion on the qualities you should look for that make up the strongest Flagstone we turn toward describing some of the most popular Flagstone types that we carry here at Stone Distributors. You will note that we do source a significant amount of our Flagstone from Tennessee quarries – after all, Tennessee quarries are known for producing a few different popular types of Flagstone, including Crab Orchard Brown Flagstone, and Crab Orchard Blue Gray.

However, in our search to offer high-quality variety to you, our valued customers, we have also found some particularly strong, durable and attractive-looking Flagstone from other regions, particularly Oklahoma. In fact, we source our Canyon Creek varieties of Flagstone from Oklahoma. We like these varieties a lot, and believe that you should, as well.


Crab Orchard Brown
  • Crab Orchard Brown comes from Tennessee. It can be a soft, rather brittle stone (leads to more waste)
    • These tend to break up more during transport. See, most people think of the transport part of this equation as one long move from the quarry to its final resting place in your stone feature. In fact, it is physically moved at least 7 or 8 times – the stone dug out of the quarry, moved at least once to a pallet, then onto a truck. The truck brings it to our yard; it then gets removed from the truck to the ground. Then it gets moved to its spot in our yard. Then you pick it out, and it gets loaded onto a truck, driven to your home, then unloaded there and finally moved to its resting spot. And each of the times it is moved, there is a chance it can break, or even turn to pebbles or dust.
    • That is why with this particular Flagstone we find it has a 10%+ waste factor (often higher).
    • You often end up spending more money as a result of the extra waste factor.
Crab Orchard Blue Gray
  • On the other hand, Crab Orchard Blue Gray and the Oklahoma Flagstone (Canyon Creek) versions tend to be harder/stronger/more sturdy/durable
    • Waster factor significantly lower
    • Contractors in particular should catch on to the fact that our pricing on the Oklahoma stone… only $5 more per ton, with less waste and easier to work with. Honestly, it is a no-brainer to be looking at the Oklahoma – Canyon Creek stone.
Cumberland Valley Umber

We have just started carrying a new stone.  We call it Cumberland Valley Umber.  The stone is a denser stone and therefore stronger.  It works well just like the Oklahoma stone.  The color range is in the coffee range.  Anywhere from light, as a cup of coffee with a lot of cream, up to mocha coloring.  It is a stone from Tennessee and another great thing about it is that we are charging the same price as Crab Orchard Brown.  Even though in my mind it is a better stone than the traditional Crab Orchard Brown I am keeping it at the same price level.

NOTE: The Canyon Creek from Oklahoma does tend to have a more chocolatey color, and less of a range of color.

Canyon Creek

*** One other general note of importance about Flagstone: There is iron in all sandstone (Flagstone is a variety of sandstone). Just because you don’t see a rust color in the stone you are looking at, does NOT mean there is no iron in it. Again, there is iron in ALL sandstone. Therefore, I can not guarantee you are not going to see a rust color… because you are.


Directly from Mike: “What it means is If you are picking the Flagstone you want for your stone project(s) using all of the factors we discussed in our previous article, then Canyon Creek should win out every time, if that is what you are basing your purchase on. Keep this in mind as you are constructing the vision of your project in your own head.  I want to add two side notes.  First, with the addition of the Cumberland Valley Umber, I have personally added that to the Oklahoma stone as my preference.  The second side note is that in the end this is your project and your decision.  I am not going to see this every day, you are.  Therefore, always choose the product that makes you the happiest!”

Would you like to learn more about how to find the best type of Flagstone or any other type of stone to build your stone project? Then come on into Stone Distributors. Our knowledgeable owner and staff are happy to help answer all of your questions and help show you the right materials (and contractors, if you are looking for one) to make your project a successful and long-lasting one. Your vision combined with our knowledge, experience and service. That is a winning combination you can trust.

Contact us at (678) 354-0566 or by visiting us online at or on our Stone Distributors Facebook page: We are open Monday (including this coming holiday Monday) through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; closed on Sundays.

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