Now is a good time to be thinking about building a dry river bed for drainage

Our interesting winter weather has continued – a significant amount of rain leading to some flooding, followed by a couple inches of snow (you can’t make this stuff up) last Saturday. The snow was mostly gone by Monday, but then unfortunately we got some more rain this week. Thankfully, it looks like we will be drying out today and through this weekend with seasonally mild temperatures.

You may ask “Why is Stone Distributors telling me about the weather? I can go to the local TV, radio, newspaper or websites to get that information.”

And although that is true, there is a very specific reason we are mentioning the weather in this blog – because many homeowners in Cobb County and throughout the greater Atlanta area are learning that you need to be keenly aware of the damage excess rain can cause to your landscapes and even the foundations of your homes if you don’t have the proper drainage systems already built into your landscape around the outside of your home.

The experienced homeowners know that there is a good chance that you need a drainage ditch somewhere on your property to avoid the big, expensive problems that flooding can cause. The smart homeowner who cares about how the drainage system looks and how effectively it works knows that in the best of both worlds you build a dry creek bed in the right places and you solve your drainage problem while not losing the beautiful look of your landscape that you have worked so hard to achieve.

This is where we at Stone Distributors come into the picture. Instead of throwing down just some ugly old gravel in your drainage ditch, we can show you the right combination of materials to build an eye-pleasing dry creek bed right in your own back yard… or front yard, if that is where it is needed most. And as many of you already know, the best stone for building your beautiful creek bed comes directly to us right from our neighbors in Tennessee.

And our knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you through the step by step process to help meld your creek bead right into your existing landscape. Or, use it as the centerpiece toward the landscape you envision in your head but have not been able to start on yet. The possibilities are virtually limitless once you get started!

So, the next time you hear there is a lot of rain in the forecast that could lead to local flooding, don’t shudder – be relaxed and confident knowing that you have installed the proper dry creek bed around your home, with the help of your knowledgeable local stone suppliers at Stone Distributors in Marietta.

We look forward to seeing you on this mild, dry President’s Day weekend, or whenever you have needs for a large variety of stone and/or other landscape materials.

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